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Discover The EYE Hortilux CMH 315W Grow Light System

  • The exclusive EYE HORTILUX CMH spectrum provides 50% more Ultra Violet (UV) than the competitive lamps available today. This results in better overall plant growth and higher yields.
  • The EYE HORTILUX CMH 315 Grow Lamp was engineered to allow safe amounts of UV to pass through the glass and better imitate a plant’s exposure to natural sunlight.
  • Color Temperature: 4100K
  • Ceramic HID Technology
  • E-Ballast Compatible: Yes


The new Eye Hortilux CMH 315W Grow Light System takes the next step for grow light systems. The short. compact reflector design maximizes light with 8% more light hitting the canopy and 30% more uniform light than the competition.

30% more light uniformity than the competition

The EYE HORTILUX CMH 315 Grow Light System provides a short, compact reflector design that focuses 8% more light on the canopy and 30% more light uniformity than the competition.

Optimal setup recommendation*:

  • Coverage area: 3 ft x 3 ft
  • Height above canopy: 3 ft
  • Distance between fixtures**: 3 ft

    Optimal setup and performance measurements base on Eye Hortilux 315 CMH lamp. Actual performance may vary. The distance between fixtures should be measured from the center of the lamp.


    • Wattage: 315W
    • Socket Type: PZGX18
    • Input Voltage: 120V/240V
    • Amps: 2.9A @ 120V - 1.4A @ 240V
    • Light uniformity - max/min: 2.0/1
    • Light uniformity - avg/min: 1.4/1
    • YPFD avg: 240 umol/sec/m2
    • PPFD avg: 202 umol/sec/m2
    • Weight: 14.7 lbs


    Easy Reflector Replacement

    The EYE HORTILUX CMH 315 Grow Light System includes a reflector that is easy to replace. After several grow cycles, system reflectors get dirty and sometimes scratched from cleaning. Having a reflector replacement schedule helps maintain consistent plant quality and high yields. Replacing a reflector in the CMH 315 does not require purchasing an entirely new system.

    Secure Lamp Installation

    The EYE HORTILUX CMH 315 Grow Light System will only accept CMH lamps with a PZGX18 (bi-pin) base. This system will not accept Mogul Base lamps or CMH lamps that are not rated for open fixture use. Carefully install the lamp into the socket by inserting pins into matching shaped holes in socket and turning lamp to right (clockwise). When lamp is properly installed, the base will stop turning.