Mini Cannabis Planting Factory 1.0 Edition" product set introduction: This set of product is the special development based on the world's most advanced cannabis indoor planting experience. Its purpose is to provide planters in the world of cannabis legalization, with a packed solution that is the most professional, cheapest and most convenient to grow many TEST varieties of cannabis. Its characteristics are as follows:

This set of product provides a packed solution for indoor cannabis cultivation. After purchasing it, you don't need to buy any other equipment. Once installing the whole set, you will be able to growing dozens of mainstream varieties of cannabis instantly.

This set of product adopts the sealed completely design to achieve precise control of the internal little space climate. With more than three years of planting experiments, we have obtained a large degree of optimization on lighting, air, temperature, humidity control .

Based more than two years of optimization service on customer's experience , when planting internally, you will figure out its time-saving and labor-saving . Because equipped various sensors inside, it enables automatic alarms timely and intelligently .

The whole set of products is affordable at a very favorable price. It is highly integrated and can be set up rapidly. It saves time and effort, and is easy to adjust layout, which will be applicable into different spaces.

This set of product possessing design on three-dimensional space ,is able to use space maximally and grow more quantities of marijuana in the same area. And by cropping alternately it achieved the amazing output.

This set of products applying HPS+LED hybrid lighting, with high electro-optical conversion rate and scientific spectrum distribution, is very suitable for promoting cannabis growth, so it is energy-saving in a high level.

This set of product using the drip irrigation system, realizes precise watering and fertilization, and also implements water circulation, so it saves fertilizer and water in this way.

This set of products adopts the modular design concept similar to Lego. It is easy to disassemble and assemble. For its convenience and efficiency on installation and packing, it's convenient to be transferred to the new address.

This set of product contains functional modules for sterilization, de-worming and drying, which is capable of solving various problems encountered during cannabis cultivation.

Functional Modules of the Mini Cannabis Planting Factory

Wall Structure

The frame structure is composed by aluminum alloy profile, which is simple, fast, strong enough and light in weight. The wall construction uses the professional planting tent cloth, which is spliced seamlessly with advantages of reflection, heat preservation, fire prevention and sealing effect .Shall you choose our wall structure in the space for planting cannabis, we have the confidence to make you avoid a lot of renovation work and save money, time and effort.

Eco Farm Indoor Green House Grow Tent Canvas

Completely block out ALL light.

Exact same material used for popular grow tents

Get creative: build your own size room

With up to 95% reflection interio, 600D material


Nursery Cabinet

The seedling frame structure is made by aluminum alloy profile, this material is simple and convenient, with sufficient strength and light weight. Two food-grade PP plastic nursery cabinets, one used as a seedling box for seeds' germination and growth, and the other is for pruning and cloning. Its lighting system uses LED light strips made by Samsung light-emitting chip special for planting . It is equipped three-barrel split semi-automatic water and fertilizer irrigation and circulation system

Planting Tray Frame

The planting tray frame structure is assembly by the aluminum alloy profile, which is simple, convenient, strong enough and light in weight. The planting frame is adjustable in height, with casters for moving easily, and the hanging planting rack is convenient for lifting various lighting and ventilation planting equipment. The planting tray is designed with tidal plate that meets the requirements of both soil culture and hydroponics. And the frame is reserved mounting tube groove for wires and water pipes.

ECO FARM Movable Hydroponic Grow Drain Table Flood Trays Growing Systems for Propagating Seedling


Lighting System

It applies HPS+LED hybrid lighting, the electro-optical conversion rate is high, the spectral distribution is scientific, playing adequately the respective advantages of HPS lamps and LED lamps, which is very suitable for promoting cannabis growth, so it is energy-saving at a high level. The light suspension system is available to adjust the height and position, and each lamp can be controlled individually, so it is more efficient on energy . We set up LED complementary lights on the sides and bottom to improve production maximally.

Water and Fertilizer System

The water and fertilizer system uses three-barrel split semi-automatic drip irrigation and circulation system to achieve watering and fertilization precisely, and also realize water circulation, so the fertilizer and water are saved. There are professional weighing and blending utensils for nutrient solution , which are very convenient for blending various ratios of nutrient solution. The pipeline of the drip irrigation system is directly linked with each flower pot, which will control accurately the used amount of water and fertilizer.

Air-conditioning and Fan

The air-conditioning system uses the professional variable-frequency energy-saving air conditioner to ensure the space maintained at a constant temperature for a long time, and further it is energy-saving extremely. The fan system ensures the air flow in the planting environment, allowing the heat, water vapor, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. in the air to spread quickly and evenly. The ventilation system has lots of pumping and air supply ports, distributed evenly , tempered by air conditioning.

Deodorization System

With the professional-grade activated carbon purification device, the deodorization system sucks the skunk odor of marijuana into the deodorization system through multiple suction ports of the ventilation system, and deodorize it through the activated carbon and then excrete. Of course, if your cannabis cultivation room is in an uninhabited suburb, it will not affect neighbors. It can also discharge directly without deodorization and purification, so this system is not a necessity.

ECO FARM Ventilation Kit

It features a powerful and compact fan that ensure proper air circulation.

The filter is built with carbon charcoal and cotton pad design that makes this kit perfect for stale air needs. On top of that, the lubricated ball

bearings and the balanced motor will keep the Fan running continuously as you require. Its powder coat housing and solid metal construction thus it is

built to serve you for a long time.


Dust Removal and Sterilization

The dusting and sterilization system is the clean room passage into and out of the planting room, with the equipment of dressing rooms, air showers, UV disinfection lights, etc. This clean room passage can ensure the process of sterilization and disinfection for personnel and articles entering and leaving the planting room, avoiding the transmission of various viruses, molds and eggs to the planting room and reducing pests and diseases. If your environment is clean, this system is also the optional.

Monitoring and Early Warning

The environmental monitoring and early warning system consists of four temperature sensors, three humidity sensors, one light measuring instrument, three measuring instruments for the PH value and EC value of soil matrix temperature and humidity. These monitoring instruments will monitor the key points of the planting room at 7X24 hours, and are linked to the alarm reminder. When the monitoring data is not in the normal range, the alarm will reminder the planting director to deal with the abnormal accordingly.

Humidity Control

We use the EnviroBoss EB60 dehumidifier, which is portable and compact. With the Multi-Function Humidity Control in a Compact Unit –it clears nearly 8 gallons of water in one day. This dehumidifier provides functions of automatic pumping and filter replacement reminders, easy in operation and maintenance.

EnviroBoss EB60 Dehumidifier The EnviroBoss EB60 Dehumidifier is the perfect compact, space-saving dehumidifier to optimize your grow space! With the EnviroBoss EB60 dehumidifier, view inlet and outlet temperature and relative humidity readings, plus set an RH% target. The dehumidifiers’ automatic restart after power outages provides peace of mind. Built-in automatic pump-outs make it convenient to collect water for reuse and units are easy to maintain, reducing down-time for servicing. Rotomolded housings are covered by a lifetime limited warranty, and refrigeration systems are warranted for six years. Versatile Humidity Control in a compact unit – removes nearly 8 gallons per day! Auto-Pumpout and Filter Change Reminder for hassle-free operation and maintenance.