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•Alignment & Safety - Eco Farm Rosin Press Plate Kits allows the Bottom Platen to Secure on the Hydraulic Press to Align Both Platens for Safety During Pressing.
•Innovative 10mm Slim Insulator - Allows Machine to Reach a Temperature of 225F in 4-5 Minutes While Protecting the Hydraulics from Overheating.
•4"X7" Heat Press Plates - Well Suited to Large Batches Pressing for Industrial Use; Pairs Well With a 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press
•Food-grade Heated Platens - Made of Anodized 6061 Aluminum; Easy to Clean and Best Flavor Guaranteed.
•1,000 Watts with 4Pcs Heating Rods - Quick Heating Up to Set Temperature; Evenly, and Accurate Temperature Delivered Utilizing Separated Thermocouple and Heating Rods.