ECO Farm Quantum Board LED Grow Light

ECO Farm has always used top quality components, like Samsung LED diodes and Meanwell drivers. This focus on quality components is one of the reasons quantum board became so popular.

ECO Farm Quantum boards give you more output while consuming fewer watts. Because the light emanates from many points across a large board, it has a more direct path to the canopy on the outside of the coverage area than a light that comes from a smaller fixture.

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Eco Farm Rosin Press KP1

Dual heating insulated solid aluminum plates, temperature controls located at the front of the press, and a convenient carrying handle.

With Adjustable Maximum Pressure/Pressing Force Up To 4 tons, easy for Extracting pure wax/concentrate.

The maximum temperature can be increased to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

This heat press machine is very lightweight (9.5KG only), super portable, perfect for personal desktop operating.

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Stay at home, let plants grow happily and then... you are a millionaire. This is the life you will face!

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