About Us

growpackage.com is runned by ECO Farm Canada Inc (https://www.ecofarm.ca), mainly to supply the various brands of indoor cannabis facilities for growing high yielding healthy cannabis crops, aims to provide the high-quality products at the most competitive prices, providing the best online shopping experience for indoor growers all over the world.


We design and build premium indoor growing facilities & light for growing high yields. Our customers have quickly come to learn we offer the best solutions, or nothing at all. We offers your indoor growing team decades of professional horticultural experience. We have assembled a team of all-stars you could say, who bring you tried and true cultivation methods mixed with the perfect dose of cutting edge technology.


By now, growpackage.com has designed and supplied the indoor cannabis facilities for thousands of indoor growers. If you have a grow idea, you do not need to do anything except contacting us, our experts will offer your cannabis growing team decades of professional horticultural experience, a set of complete indoor cannabis grow solution and a series of applicable products within 24 hours. Meanwhile, growpackage.com hasown warehouses in many countries, can provide the high-quality growing equipment and growing service to individual growers, professional growers and retailers around the world at the lowest price and the fastest speed.


Finally, the mission of gowpackage.com is clear: “ We are the solver, to supply every grower with the most innovative and ideal indoor growing environment.