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The Ju1ceBox 2-ton bottle jack rosin press comes standard with easy-to-use features such as temperature control, time control and ton pressure at a fraction of the cost and size of other equipment.

At just 12 inches tall and under 25 pounds, this press is perfect for placing on your countertop or for quick storage or transport. Since both plates are temperature controlled, each can be set at the correct temperature so that the top plate is at a higher temperature and the bottom plate is at a lower temperature for optimal extraction with a single press.

The Ju1ceBox 2 Ton Bottle Jack Rosin Press has a large stainless steel plate designed with beveled edges to make rosin removal easier and insulation to help prevent heat transfer to other parts of the unit.

Applying up to 4,000 pounds of pressure (646 pounds per square inch) with the fitted press handle requires little effort.




Pressure 2 tons
Capacity 3.5 grams

Plate Size 3.125" x 2.375"
Plate Material Aluminum
Dimensions 12" x 7" x 5"
Weight 25 pounds
Adjustable Tilt No
Warranty 1 year