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The Trim-Daddy has everything you loved about the current model + even more benefits to make your trimming process as simple & painless as can be: Blades protrude more for easier trimming. And even quieter than ever! With over 10,000 hours of use, you can now trim for hours to end without getting tired or wearing out your trimmer
--- Designed for Efficiency A computer motherboard controls the motor instead of mechanical brushes, giving the motor only as much power as it needs for each task. When your trim-daddy is trimming leaves, it senses the lack of resistance and begins to pull only what little charge it needs.
--- Performance - Trim 1 unit in an average of 1 hour. ​
--- Maintain the quality and detail of hand trimming and 10x faster - Saves your hands & thousands of dollars

Trim Daddy Power Scissors can deliver a robust and precision trim whether you're trimming wet OR dry!
Trim Daddy is the only brand on the market to offer multiple blade options for more control over aesthetic and plant detail
OVER 10,000 HOURS OF USE: Our patented motor bypasses the risk of motor fatigue or overheating

  • Trims 10x faster than scissors
  • High carbon blades that can be changed in seconds
  • 30% lighter, smaller and quieter than our previous generation
  • Trims both wet and dry!
  • Variable control dial to trim at any speed you need