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1. 220-223lm/w High Brightness Chips~Up to 2.6-3.0umol/J~High Photon Efficiency;
2. 98% Lighting Transmittance with Tempered Glass Lens, Average PPFD 15% Increased;
3. 120 Degree Beam Structure.15% PPFD Increased by Lighting Second Use,PPFD 1Ft Up to 1958;
4. 1w>2.2 grams(Max)~561C/301B 3000k+6500k White+660nm Red Truly Full Spectrum;
5. High Purity 6063 Aluminum~Great Heat Dissipation~40% E-Power Bill Saved;
6. No Noise Disturb!Full Waterproof Light(IP65 Cable+UL Driver(Inventronics and Meanwell);
7. Lighting Spread out evenly for all directions+Uniform Coverage+Biggest Footprint+High Yield;
8. Dimmable: 0-10v Auto/App/Wifi/Computer Remote Control Available;
9. Full Spectrum Combine Together with each Fixtures for Higher THC Intensity (Optional);
10. All Chips in Parallel~Safe and Easy Repair~Broken Chip Never Effect other Chips Continue Working.

Full Spectrum: all useful wavelengths are included, ideal for all stages of plant growth.
Module design: 204pcs 0.5w each bar, 4/6/8/10/12 bar lights, easy to assemble and disassemble.
Advanced LED drivers for higher performance, Energy Saving over 40%.
Fanless design with aluminum heatsink, make sure no any noise to disturb others; No Mercury, environment friendly.
Waterproof design: suitable for big greenhouse moisture work environment.
Big Footprint: Suitable for scale use in greenhouse vegs / flowers / fruits.
Custom spectrum is acceptable.


*Red -Promote longitudinal growth.elongate stem and petiole.enlarge leaves, but decrease chlorophyll contents

*Blue -Promote horizontal growth.thicken stem&petiole,increase chlorophyll contents,improve density of stomata of leaf

*Orange -Promote seeds germination and longitudinal growth

*Green -Promote the formation of oxygen during photosynthesis

*Violet -Thicken leaves and flowers, resist extension of stem and leaves,help to form anthocyanin

*Far Red -Speed Photosynthesis rates,stimulate cell elongation.important for Bloom and seeds germination

*White -Supplement special spectra by combined with different spectrum


1 x LED Grow Light Bar
1 x Hanging Kit
1 x User Manual for Installation
1 x Power Cord
1 x Installation Accessories


Grow tents, Grow rooms, Large indoor grows
Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems


    3 years


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