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  • FULL SPECTRUM GROW LIGHT - 600W Samsung LM561C LED grow light with 2450 LEDs to provide a full spectrum of LM561C (3000K+4000K ) +660nm+740nm + 395nm;600W Samsung LM301B LED grow light with 2270 LEDs to provide a full spectrum of LM301B (3000K+5000K ) +660nm+740nm + 395nm; 0-10V dimmable, the combination of white , red LEDs and UV leds result in a relatively high ratio of blue light , which can achieve a better results consistent with the actual photobiota from seeds to flowers, providing the best spectrum during all stages of growth.
  • BETTER PLANTING - PPF 1650-1800 μmol/s fixture with an impressive efficiency of 2.7 μmol/J (350-800nm) per watt, which can achieve a high average ppfd of 1000 μmol/s square meter on your crop, higher PAR output than other grow light to deliver maximum performance for your plants.
  • EASY TO USE & INSTALL - Samsung LM561C or Samsung LM301B and quality inventronics driver to ensure a simplify growing operation and management, Clink on design, equipped with double RJ45 Cable and allows you to install 400 fixtures per controller port by simply daisy chaining the fixtures, precise control and easy installation.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION - Lower consumption to replace the 1000W HID lamp, offering a best 5x5ft growing place for your plants like herbs, succulents, vegetables, corn, potato, rose, orchid or other plants, a great assistant for grow house, hydroponics, aquaponics, greenhouse, indoor gardening and more.
600W Samsung LM301B LED  600W Samsung LM561C LED




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