Eco Farm 250W/400W/600W/1000W MH Grow Light Bulb

 Product Description

Contains precision gasses for enhanced spectral output
Generates much less heat than HPS and MH bulbs.
Full spectrum more closely matches sunlight than ANY other lighting solution available.
Growers report tighter inter-nodal spacing and better yields on flowering plants.

Item specifics

Item Type: Grow Lights

Width:3 cm

Power Source: AC

  • HID: Metal Halide Lamps
  • Body Material: Glass
  • Base Material: Aluminum
  • Light Source: Halogen Bulbs
  • Is Dimmable: Yes
  • Brand Name: iPower
  • Power: 250w/400w / 600w / 1000w Optional
  • Length:27.5cm
  • Voltage:85-265V
  • Features: plant growth
  • Application: Outdoor, professional


  • The maximum blue light for vegetable growing strong;More pure white light than the popular HPS lamps, close to daylight frequencies, which allows it to be used for growing plants
  • Balanced orange-red light for stem elongation and flowering
  • Mimic daylight
  • Provide optimal spectral energy required for vegetative growth
  • High ratio of red and blue spectral for a good photosynthetic efficiency
  • Good lumen output for a high nominal value
  • Robust plants with high blue light output
  • High ratio of red light to healthy plant growth
  • Long average life, high lumen output, low energy consumption
  • Good for indoor (high ceiling areas - ""high bay"" applications) and outdoor use due to good light quality


  • efficient lighting growing in the greenhouse
  • extend the additional lighting plant culture exterior
  • aid for growing plants, horticulture and hydroponics industry



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