Dimmable high frequency ballast w/ overdrive. Interchangeable reflectors for different ceiling heights. Premium DE-HPS spec bulb. DE lamp balanced mounting. Low shadow footprint. Aluminum reflector w/ >96% reflectivity. The Eco Farm 1000W Double Ended HPS Grow Light Reflector Hoods is your go-to premium grow light fixture minus the premium cost.

Premium G-Star Hood


Size:20.5" Long x 9.8" Wide x 5.8" High
Die-Casting aluminum Bracket
Imported Geman aluminum and size 11'' × 9.50''
15FT power cord #16AWG/3C STW 600V , With 3Pin Plug
K12x30s lamp holder,3KV
Suitable for DE 600/1000 watt HPS horticulture lamps