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LED Chips
Grow Tent Material

The grow package includes:
1 x 4'x 4' 600D Grow Tent
1 x 680W LED Grow Light
1 x Light Hanging Kit
1 x Power Cord
1 x 6 INCH Ventilation Kit

The Grow Tent

  • Tent cover:Inside: 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar(enhance the reflective effect),
  • Frame: diameter16MM white paint coated metal rods
  • Durable: Heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth and diameter 16MM white paint coated metal rods and Large heavy duty Zippers & Double Stitching for protection against light leaks
  • Vents:round vents with mesh for better ventilation and multiple vents for fan and filter output
  • Package includes: 1x 96% 600D reflective Growing Tent Cover 1 set 16MM frame of rods and connectors/ 1x Removable Water-proof Floor Tray / Nylon Belts can be used for Filter Straps/ 1x Assembly Instruction

Features metal framing made of strong, durable, steel tubing and heavy-duty zippers ; the venting and cord holes offer sleeves with draw strings to seal the exit ports around ducting and cords. With a removable divider wall in the middle, enables you to manipulate the growing environment so that you can achieve the optimum climate for your plants' better growth.

The Grow Lights

Eco Farm led grow light full spectrum is the perfect addition to any indoor garden has a optimal 12 bands full spectrum with COB mixed with single 5W LEDs, best lighting mixture & evenly coverageull spectrum for indoor plants veg and flower UV&IR, Two dimmers It can adjust the concentration of different plants and different seedlings, vegetables and flowers. Especially for medicinal plants, medicinal plants medical plants.

  • 12 bands full spectrum including UV & IR, help plants growing faster and better
  • COB mixed with single 5W LEDs, best lighting mixture & evenly coverage
  • Remove free modular design for simple maintenance
  • 2 dimmers separately control the intensity for Veg & Bloom
  • High speed quiet cooling fans with aluminum heat dissipation sink

6 INCH Ventilation Kit

Carbon Filter:

  • 18 inchH x 9 inchD
  • Iodine Adsorption Value: 950 (High efficiency)
  • Carbon Layer Thickness: 1.5 inches
  • Specific Surface Area: 900-1000 square meter per gram
  • Max. Endurable Temperature: 400 degrees Celsius (Safer)
  • Operating Environment Temperature: -20 to 65 degrees Celsius
  • zinc-anodized steel housing mesh
  • use Coal Based activated carbon
  • Thick Carbon Layer for Higher Absorption and Performance

6 Inch Inline Duct Fan:

  • 120V60HZ; 174Watt; 1.45A; 2780RPM; 460CFM
  • Come completely wired with junction box, strain relief and power cord
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Double layer duct 6 inch * 25FT
  • Double silver layer
  • 6 inch1/2 Clamps
  • Adjustable
  • Galvanized steel