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Designed for unbelievable yields in high bay, single level environments. The power of A3i starts with thousands of diodes from industry leading diode manufacturers.

Unprecedented Canopy Penetration
Early generation LED lamps failed the industry due to low output + poor canopy penetration. The secret of the Aries' success starts with abundant PAR focused onto your canopy by polycarbonate focal lenses. Next, the Aries LED grow light delpoys an advantage you won't find anywhere else—swiveling light bars to achieve maximum canopy penetration by cross illumination to neighboring grow plots.

How much would you save if your grow never had to replace another bulb? Between labor costs, hazardous waste fees, tedious cleaning, the cost of the bulbs themselves, and the inevitable replacement of worn out ballasts, maintaining an HPS system is a burden to your bottom line. Over time that burden will far outweigh the low cost of an HPS system. Eliminate the burden entirely by switching to Fohse LED. Buy right, buy once.

Innovative Heat Management
Cooling a traditional HPS setup can be costly, especially when putting more light into the environment. The A3i produces 60% more light per BTU than an HPS system, significantly reducing the strain on your cooling systems.

Unrivaled Efficacy
The A3i is capable of some of the best photosynthetic photon efficacy figures of any LED grow light in the world. Its secret? An abundance of diodes so no diode is 'overclocked', as well as our patent-pending thermal management. Cool diodes are efficient diodes.

Fixture Specifications:
Light Source: Samsung LEDs
PPF: 4,529 μMol/s
Dimming: 30%
Fixture Efficacy* (100% - 50% power)*: 3.01-3.31 μMol/J
Input power: 1480W
Input voltage: Options up to 480V
Fixture dimensions: 42.28L x 42.5W x 4H in
Weight: 70 lbs
Thermal management: Passive
Lens angle: 90°
CRI: 92
Control interface: Wall-mounted OLED panel
L90: 50,000 hours
Power supply rating: 100,000 hours
Certifications: IP67, CE
Communication protocol: CAN or BACNet
Mounting: Universal Hanging