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  • As a professional flow meter regulator manufacturer, ECO Farm offers this flow meter which fits Argon, Co2 and Argon/Co2 fixed, Suitable for most argon tanks,argon hose for Miller, Lincoln and other tig mig welders. This flowmeter is also perfect for home-made kegerator, home brew system, etc.
  • There is cfh for both argon and co2 on the flow tube.The output flow is adjustable from 0 to 25 lpm. And is indicated by a ball which moves up and down in the flow tube. Simple to use and easy to read output.
  • All the hardware of this flowmeter regulator was tight and passed the leak test.You can easily turn the adjustment knobs by hand. Very easy to use every time.
  • ECO Farm flowmeter regulator is made of high quality brass and came with GA580 adapter.

All indications showing this exclamation mark are important safety instructions.
Flowmeter complies with all current relevant technical regulations and meets all existing standards.
The flowmeter may under no circumstances be modified or tampered with without the written consent of the manufacturer.
Intermediary connections between the cylinder valve and the cylinder pressure regulator are strictly forbidden.
Incorrect use may endanger the operator and the other personnel, damage to the cylinder pressure regulator and the installation may also result.

Operating instructions
Keep hands and tool clean, oil and grease can cause an explosion on the contact with oxygen.
The operator should be fully familiar with these operating instructions prior to the use of this equipment; all instructions should be adhered to when in use.
Check that the flowmeter is suitable to the gas to be used.
Check that the cylinder value connection is clean and undamaged, if not, you must not connect cylinder pressure regulator.
Before connecting the cylinder pressure regulator, the cylinder valve should be swiftly opened and closed to dislodge water or foreign from the valve/regulator inlet seating. Do not stand in front of the cylinder valve and do not hold your hand before the cylinder valve.