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The Rosin press has been equipped with a 3T cylinder and is therefore suitable for any application in the field of home extractions. The Graveda Rosin Press is equipped with a 3 ton hydraulic press cylinder according to the classic “jacking technique”. Practical, robust, durable and solid. The 3 tons cylinder was measured in the press with 2.91 tons pressure. The realistic maximum pressure is about 3 tons.


  • Graveda Rosin press directly from the manufacturer
  • Directly ready for operation, no assembly necessary
  • Weight: 14kg
  • plate size: 10 cm x 7,5cm
  • Hydraulic cylinder: 3 tons max
  • measured: 2.91 tons realistically possible in the press
  • Dimension W: 25cm D: 23cm H: 45cm
  • pressure adjustment via lever mechanism
  • Rosin Press with hydraulic cylinder
  • temperature range: 0-250°C
  • extraction without solvent with pressure and heat
  • production of dabs like Budder, Live Rosin, Shatter
  • Very robust and compact design
  • Excellent extract quality under simplest production
  • Graspresso quality = efficient and effective and price conscious!
  • Proper results for absolutely pure concentrates

#Control panel:

  • Operation simply by touch panel (also possible with silicone glove)
  • Various adjustment possibilities for temperature and time in the Rosin press


  • Rosin Press 3 tons Graveda Graspresso
  • Lever for operating the cylinder
  • All necessary power cables
  • operating instructions in German, Spanish, English