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ECO Farm Rosin Press Machine-KP1

[Double Heating Plate]-Dual heating insulated solid aluminum plates, temperature controls located at the front of the press, and a convenient carrying handle.
[High Pressure]-With Adjustable Maximum Pressure/Pressing Force Up To 4 tons, easy for Extracting pure wax/concentrate.
[Adjustable Temperature]-The maximum temperature can be increased to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.
[Easy Operation]- This heat press machine is very lightweight (9.5KG only), super portable, perfect for personal desktop operating.

Different plug outlet options (USA, EU, AU, UK etc) and Voltage options for different countries (120v-240v) We will base it on the country of origin unless specified.

ECO Farm Electric Medicinal Plants Dryer

The ECO Farm dryer gives you the perfect environment to dry your medicinal plants every time. Using advanced technology, ECO Farm provides you with a ideal temperature that has been tested exclusively for drying medicinal plants.
Multi-directional airflow, along with open-weave trays ensures each bud is dried consistently. This also means you do not need to rotate or touch the buds during the drying process.
ECO Farm provides all of this in a captured environment, meaning you get high-quality, consistent drying in a small, enclosed space. Take back all of the space you’ve needed for hang drying because ECO Farm only needs one square foot to give you consistent drying every time.Save Time, Money, and Space

ECO Farm 16 Inch Manual Leaf Bowl Trimmer Machine

Eco Farm 16 inch leaf bowl trimmer uses a clear plastic top for better visibility, a removable handle for convenient storage, and removable grille for easy service. This trimmer will cut twigs, remove leafs, and preserve buds from a variety of plants. The Eco Farm trimmer is essential in making hash, oils, aromatherapy products, and potpourris. It harnesses the power of 30 scissors in 1 unit and comes with 2 straight blades.

ECO Farm Carbon Smell Proof Combo Container (Free gift)

Herb Weed Tea Combo Lock Stash Carbon Lining Locking Smell Proof Container Case


1 * Rosin Press Machine-KP1
1 * ECO Farm Electric Medicinal Plants Dryer
1 * ECO Farm 16 Inch Manual Leaf Bowl Trimmer Machine
1 * ECO Farm Carbon Smell Proof Combo Container (Free gift)

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