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The ILUMINAR 1000W DE CMH grow light is engineered to be the closest alternative to natural sunlight. We’ve taken cutting edge technology to design a ballast that runs efficiently and a reflector delivers maximum uniformity -- making this CMH grow light more efficient than ever.

The CMH ballast can be run independently or with the Touch Controller or NEW HASH Controller. The ballasts are also compatible with Priva, Hortimax and Argus controllers (0-10V Protocol), allowing you full control to dial in your gardens to specific requirements. 

Delivering a low frequency, square wave technology, our 1000W CMH Ballast provides a constant maximum voltage to the lamp for an extended period of time giving your plants more photons of light. 


  • Less heat = reduced cooling costs

  • Random Start Technology

  • Energy efficient

  • Compatible with ILUMINAR Touch Controller, PRIVA and Argus (0-10V Protocol)

  • Ignition Failure Protection 

  • Uniform Light Distribution 

  • Soft Start Technology

  • Low Frequency - Square Wave Technology 

Iluminar 1000 Watt CMH Bulbs

NOTE: All Iluminar CMH Bulbs are *Sold separately* and are available as options at the top

The 1000W CMH ballast is made for our revolutionary new double ended 1000W CMH Lamp. Featuring a double-jacketed lamp that delivers a full spectrum with more photons than its HPS counterparts, making the new 1000W CMH grow light perfect for high bay solutions.

The CMH Lamp can be used as supplemental lighting with the 1000W HPS/MH DE fixture checkerboard. With the higher wattage provided in this new fixture, you're able to penetrate deep into the canopy with a higher photon saturation per square foot.

DE MH Bulb 2000K


DE MH Bulb 6000K