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With 1220 actual watts and 2622 μmol/s total photobiophoton flux (PBF), the patented PhytoMAX-3 24SC LED grow light is the most powerful grow lighting solution for commercial applications, with yields ranging from 4 lbs to 7 lbs.

The most powerful, reliable, truly full spectrum (350-750nm, UV to NIR PBAR) LED grow light with PhytoMAX-3! Using only the highest quality, state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line LEDs, the PhytoMAX-3 24SC delivers Black Dog LED's proprietary full-cycle Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® PAR, canopy penetration and yield at an unprecedented level evenly across its entire footprint!


Daisy Chainable
Being able to run up to 20 amps on one outlet means fewer infrastructure costs for you.

Massive Flowering Footprint
PhytoMAX-3 24S has an impressive flowering coverage area of up to 8.75' x 8.75' per light.

Dimmable from 15% - 100% with industry-standard 0-10V dimming controllers.

Powerful Spectrum
3.4% ultraviolet (< 400nm) and 20% violet (400 - 450nm) light delivers impressive canopy penetration - Photon Flux Efficacy (PBAR 280 - 800nm): 2.15 μmol/J

Bigger Yields
Spectacular yield capabilities of up to 7+ pounds per light.

Better Coverage
Photon Flux Efficacy 2.15 μmol/J PBAR (280-800nm)
Total Photon Flux 2622 μmol/s PBAR

Minimum Vegetative Area: 6.0' x 6.0' (36 ft2)
Maximum Vegetative Area: 10.75' x 10.75' (120 ft2)
Minimum Flower Area: 5' x 5' (25 ft2)
Maximum Flower Area: 8.75' x 8.75' (77 ft2)

The Phyto-Genesis Spectrum
LED grow lights that offer UV and IR as part of their spectrum are popular, but the majority of them don't actually offer any significant level of UV output, unlike the PhytoMAX-3 24S.

With 3.4% UV and 4.9 IR, it will give you increased levels of desired compounds, which can lead to higher yields of 80 to 120+ gramms per sq ft.


Photon Flux (µmol/s)
2622 88 2406 128
Footprint Minimum Area Max Area
Vegetative 6' x 6' (36 ft2) 10.75' x 10.75' (100 ft2)
Flowering 5' x 5' (20.25 ft2) 8.75' x 8.75' (64 ft2)
Input Voltage 120/277 Volts
Power 1220 Watts
PAR 2.14 µmol/J
PPF 2185 µmol/s
Product Dimensions 19" x 19" x 4.5"
Weight 45 lbs.
Number of LEDs 560
Power Factor >0.98
Power Cord Length 8 Feet
BTU 3478 BTU
Certifications ETL, CE, FCC, RoHS
Operation Temperature Range -4 - 104°F