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2 High Efficiency QB-288 V2 Bspec Quantum Boards!

Equivalent to a single-ended 600 Watt HID, two of these will more than replace a single ended 1000 Watt HID grow light. Multiple units can be spaced for a more even light distribution vs. a single light source.

The HLG 300L Bspec Quantum Board with 544 Highest Bin Samsung LM301B LED's and 32 Osram deep blue diodes is one of the most efficient grow lights on the market. The new Bspec spectrum will enhance vegetative growth with its added blue diodes. Enjoy lower energy cost, less heat and more output.

Color: B Spec
Brand: Horticulture Lighting Group
Light source? type LED
Product size: (length x width x height) 26 x 21.25 x 4 inches