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The LED 450-EVS from EYE HORTILUX also boasts a spectrum “Beyond PAR,” providing a true full-spectrum, including UV and far-red, all in one fixture. This fixture is meant for veg with more blue and UV light in the spectrum running at a lower wattage of 450W. Its scope will provide for healthy plants ready for flower. The LED 450-EVS also includes an on-board dimmer, wide distribution LEDs, conformal coating, and sturdy construction.

Wattage 450W
Weight 30 lbs.
PPF* (400-700nm) 930 μmol
PBF* (375-800) 1060 μmol
PPF Efficacy 2.1 μmol/Joule
PBF Efficacy 2.4 μmol/Joule
PPFD Average (400-700nm) 455 μmol/m2-sec
PBFD Average (375-800) 525 μmol/m2-sec
Light Uniformity – max/min 3.0/1
Light Uniformity – avg/min 2.1/1
Coverage Area 4 ft. x 4 ft.
Height Above Canopy 18 in.
Dimensions 44.8 in. x 44 in. x 3.9 in.
Distance Between Fixtures** 8 in.
Environmental Protection Designed to meet IP66
Warranty 5-year Limited