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Supplemental UV and IR light in white full-spectrum growlights or other specific cultivations to induce flowering and dormancy periods, increase leaf area, improve plant nutrient quality and stimulate biomass production.

UR45 supplementary LED grow light strips: This set of 2 strips, 192 LED diodes, with a total output power of 45W, is mainly used for supplementing ultraviolet and infrared radiation when using white full-spectrum LED plant growth lights for indoor planting.

UV Grow Lights - Ultraviolet to Maximize Your Yields: UR45 Supplementary Light Strips with UV light (365-420nm) as a supplement to grow lights can induce greater leaf area and promote light interception to significantly increase plant yields . Appropriate plant UV light can also improve the nutritional quality of plants and stimulate biomass production by stressing plants. (The UVA band is less harmful to plant cells than the UVB band, while achieving the above effects)

IR Grow Lights - Infrared Light Regulates Plant Growth: The IR (730-745nm) on the UR45 Supplementary Light Bar can be used with far red light to create a shade avoidance response in plants to accelerate stem growth. The introduction of appropriate IR can induce plants to enter flowering or enter dormancy more quickly.

Separate control of UV and IR: The UR45 supplementary light bar is equipped with a spectrum switch, which can choose to turn on/off the UV lamp or the IR lamp separately or simultaneously to freely configure the supplementary spectrum. Growers can use it as UV Grow Light or Infrared Grow Light according to their needs.

EASY TO INSTALL Grow Lights and Stands: Equipped with specially made brackets for Mars Hydro FC and FC-E LED Grow Lights and hooks for hanging from the top, it is simple and easy to use.



Wattage: 45W ±5% @ AC120-265V

Core Coverage: 4'x4'

Max Coverage: 5'x5'

Spectrum: 365-420nm,730-745nm

Voltage: AC100-277V


  • 0.642A @ AC120V

  • 0.388A @ AC240V

  • 0.352A @ AC277V

Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Warranty: 5 years

Dimensions: 42.8"x1.5"x1" (1088*40*26MM)