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  • Lightweight: Design with anodized aluminum back cover&ABS material,ultra-thin(only 0.4 inch)and ultra-light(only 2.2lb)
  • Full Spectrum: High quality 6-Band Full Spectrum(380nm~740nm),include red/blue/white/UV/IR,225pcs 0.33watt LED Beads,60 degree reflector cup, 25 white LEDs in an X pattern in the middle,200 alternating red and blue LEDs.
  • Coverage Area: Distance from plants 0.3-0.5m(11inches) is better, and Core Coverage at 24 inches Height 1x1ft,Max Coverage at 24 inches Height 2x2ft
  • Higher Par and Lower Consumption: 100W HPS/MH replacement while consuming only 35W, more higher actual power/lumen/PAR than other 45w led grow light panel,no fan no noise and new upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks.

Specific Product Information

Model/SKU: B01MAYN8L9
True wattage: 36 watts
LED wattage: 45 watts
Spectrum: Full
Coverage area:
Core Coverage at 24 inches Height 1x 1ft
Max Coverage at 24 inches Height 2x 2ft
Dimensions: 13.1x 13.1x 0.4 inches
Product weight: 2.6 lbs
Voltage: 100v