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  • Cultivate healthy, high yielding plants all year round
  • LED grow lights produce light more efficiently than other grow light alternative such as High Intensity Discharge (HID) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights, which consume more energy to produce the same light output
  • LED grow lights produce greater light output while emitting less heat to avoid leaf burn and running cool enough that no additional cooling sources are necessary, as often required with other types of grow lights
  • LED grow lights often have color tunable full spectrum light whereas other types of grow lights limit you to one light spectrum; additional spectrums can be achieved in HPS fixtures by changing bulbs, but only one can be delivered at a time
  • LED has a much longer lifespan; providing a better return on investment
  • 24 hours / 365 days of non stop crop rotation
  • Link up to 8 grow lights to operate from a single power source
  • 120-277-Volt - 60,000 hours of continous use
  • Maintenance free - no bulbs to replace