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While many other manufacturers advertise their lights as their HID equivalent (e.g., a Apollo 700w LED) when their actual draw is 170 watts, Prism Lighting Science focuses on representing all wattage figures as exactly what the grower will experience. For those interested in what the equivalent would be when swapping out HID (HPS/MH) for LED, we put a quick reference below:

  • Prism Lighting Science LED 158w = 400w - 600w equivalent HID
  • Prism Lighting Science LED 320w = 600w - 800w equivalent HID
  • Prism Lighting Science LED 530w = 1000w - 1200w equivalent HID

    Prism Lighting Science LED Grow Light Specifications:
  • LEDs: Epistar & Bridgelux.
  • LED Chip Color Count: Red 39, Blue 11, Orange 4, White 4, IR 1 and UV 1.
  • Spectral Makeup: 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm, 3500K and 6000k, IR 730nm, UV 380nm.
  • LED Beam Angle: 90/120° Mixed.
  • Input Voltage: AC85-265V.
  • Input Amps: 0.65A @ 240v - 1.3A @ 120v.
  • 120v power cord and hanging brackets included (240v power cord sold separately).
  • CE Listed.
  • 2 year full warranty.

    What Size LED Grow Light Do I Need?
    The size (wattage draw) of LED grow light you need is going to depend on the size of you grow space and how many plants you intend to grow. As a general guideline and rule-of-thumb, LEDs need to draw ~32 watts from the wall for each square foot of grow canopy. So if you were growing in a 1×1 foot space, you’d need that 32 watts of power to efficiently grow in that space. 2 square feet? 64 watts. 4 square feet? 128 watts. You get the idea. There are additional variables that might necessitate tweaking this a bit – plant height for example, but as a general rule, a 32 watt draw per square foot of grow space is what you want to shoot for.