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  • Because this 300w led grow light panel truly offer a sunlike full spectrum grow light contains all wavelengths of light from 380nm to 800nm, delivers more highly-uniform light needed by plants than those single red and blue spectrum led plant light, the most top lighting solution for commercial growers and home hobbyists. 90°reflector cup LED with high par value: 565 μmol/m2·s at 12in. Help indoor plants grow healthier and more vigorous with abundant.
  • Compared with other 300W indoor plant grow light with noisy fan, we adopt aluminum heat back panel, plus a small heatsink for each chip to achieve excellent heat dissipation. You can even hear the sound of flies flying and you can't hear any noise while our full spectrum led grow light is working.
  • Equipped with 338LEDs, replaced traditional 300W HPS/MH, led grow lights can save 89% energy. Growing light fixture is doubled area of illumination than other 300W plant grow lamp, great for 3'* 3' growing area at 18 inches height.
  • This led plants light allows you to adjust the height of the grow lamp according to the growth stage of plant, such as seedling, vegetative, flowering and fruiting stage. Beyond that, this full spectrum grow light is also ideal for all kinds of your indoor plants, such as violets, tomatoes, flowering plants, herbs and sun plants grow.