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Unlike the standard DE1000W, the OG DE1000W is fan-cooled exactly like our bestselling OG1000W. By replacing the aluminum enclosure with a durable powder coated steel enclosure, NanoLux were able to make a complete DE fixture that weighs less and costs less that our original DE1000W. This makes the OG DE1000W the optimal choice for small scale growers that want all the benefits of DE lighting technology, for less cost. Reduced weight of the fixture makes the OG DE1000W ideal for hanging in grow tents. The OG DE1000W is compatible with both NCCS and 0-10V controllers and uses 97% German reflective reflector material. Comes with random start, soft start, and soft dimming capabilities.

Highest Output commercial DE fixture on the market at 1000W output. The CMH lamps have very broad spectrum which is more similar to the sun itself than any other form of HID lamp.
Nanolux 105kHz high frequency digital ballast design. Combines the great benefits of the standard DE1000W and is fan-cooled like the OG1000W to increase the operational efficiency
Optimized to provide 800 umol min/1050 umol max coverage in multi light horticultural installations. Comes with 138 degree commercial overlap 97% reflective material reflector
Exclusive Ceramic high voltage receptacles . Will not melt like plastic. ETL Listed. NCCS APP Ready & 0-10V Ready
3 year warranty. Soft Start and Random Start technology. Open circuit and low voltage protection.


  • Designed for ~5' on center spacing commercial overlap light grid
  • ETL Listed
  • NCCS APP Ready & 0-10V Ready
  • 3 year warranty
  • Soft Start and Random Start technology
  • Open circuit and low voltage protection
  • 120-240V


  • Output Power: 1000W
  • Input Voltage: 120-240
  • Input Current: 8.9/4.5A
  • Bulb: DE MH or DE HPS
  • Dimming Settings: 600W-660W-750W-825W, 1000W-1200W(Super Lux)
  • PF: >0.99
  • THDI: <10%
  • CF: <1.7
  • Weight: 11.7lbs
  • Size: 17.9″ x 13.2″ x 5.4″
  • Input Frequency: 50/60