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The NextLight Pro Series Core is the most efficient LED grow light for a small grow space.
The Core was an enhanced version of the discontinued NextLight Mini, with a 50% increase in light output. Now meet the next generation - Core Pro
The Core Pro sells for the same low price as the 2 previous versions.
The Core uses the same high intensity light as the NextLight's flagship light, but has been designed specifically to flower plants in a restricted space.
If you have a small grow area (2x2 to 3x3 feet), the Core will deliver more light output to your plants, while using less wattage and generating less heat than similar sized lights.
Commercial growing power for a small home garden.
Stronger, faster growth. Bigger, higher quality yields.


NextLight Full Spectrum

NextLight fixtures emit a full spectrum, bright white light which is more sun-like than even your traditional HPS. Using this spectrum you can expect tighter internodal spacing and better overall quality.

Contrary to popular beliefs of the past, NextLight continued to pioneer the use of bright white, full-spectrum LED, which has now become the gold standard of grow lighting.

NextLight's Full Spectrum is easy to work under and provides the same sun-like qualities plants love without the negatives of high energy requirements and high heat.

NextLight Core Pro - 210W LED Grow Light

315W CMH or 400W MH Replacement

  • 2.6 PPF/W (μmol/J)
  • DLC Hort Listed
  • UL 8800
  • IP65 Wet Rated
  • 5 Year Full Warranty - All Components - Down to the Diode
  • Designed for use in restricted spaces, open rooms, over benches, in racks or grow tents
  • Onboard Dimming
  • External Dimming (Controller NOT INCLUDED)
  • NextLight’s Full Spectrum is recommended from seed to harvest
  • Passively Cooled
  • Plug & Play - contains power & dimming cords, power supply and mounting hardware.

    5 Year
    Full Warranty