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The NugSmasher XP (Expert Edition) Rosin Extraction System takes the regular NugSmasher to the next level.

It also delivers 12 tons pressure via large 4 x 6 inch pressing plates, but it adds LED illumination to the work space, 2 additional heating elements and a pressure gauge. All of this makes for easier and faster operation and will press up to two 14 gram bags at one time.

The XP press is also available as part of a combo deal that includes everything you need to get started and a Master Combo that includes the same items, plus tons more useful tools.


Brand NugSmasher
UL Listed No
Rosin Press Type Manual
Plate Size 6" x 4"
Plate Material Type Aluminum
Temperature Range 70-350 F
Temperature Control Digital
Max. Pressure 12 Ton
Pressure Control 0-999
Press Time Range Manual
Adjustable Tilt Position No
Needs Air Compressor Not Required
Amps 5.5 Amps
Exact Watts 640 Watts
Power Cord(s) Included Yes

Plug And Play — No Compressor needed

Simply take the NugSmasher XP out of the box, plug it in and turn it on. And that's it! You're ready to start extracting rosin.

Safety-First Design

The Nugsmasher requires multiple power circuits to run properly (this is all internal, so nothing you need to do except just turn it on). Using a primary power circuit and 3 sub-circuits and routing them all through high quality circuit breakers ensures the safest possible operation.

The circuit breakers are mounted on the front panel for easy monitoring and access. They are simple to reset, so even if the worst happens, you never need to halt operation for long.

Ultra-Precise Temperature Controls

Precise control of the heat plate temperature ensures smooth and consistent operation. Just set your desired temperature and the Nugsmasher XP will heat the plates accordingly and ensure a consistent heat level throughout your pressing session.

Rapid-Heating, Thermally-Isolated Plates

The 4 by 6 inch heat plates on the Nugsmasher XP are outfitted with two 160 watt heat cartridges each. This ensures a quick start-up, an even distribution of heat across the entire plates and a consistent temperature during operation.

The top plates are thermally isolated to minimize the loss of heat from the pressing area. This isolation further ensures consistent temperatures and more efficient operation.

Built-In Pressure Gauge For Consistent Quality

Using different pressure levels means different results. Having a pressure gauge allows you to find the perfect amount of pressure for the best yield and then make sure you apply the same amount every single time, for consistent results.

Illuminated Work Area For Easier Operation

The pressing area is lit up by two LED lights to make pressing as easy as possible. If you've ever tried pressing rosin in a poorly lit garage, you know how nice this feature can be.

Rock-Solid Professional Design And Construction

The frame is constructed from robust interlocked American steel. The pressing plates are made from aircraft grade aluminum. Everything is designed and manufactured by Premiere Manufacturing's experienced designers and engineers in a 40,000 square foot workshop in Corona, CA. They have created one of the most robust and indestructible rosin presses available, despite the compact size.