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Optic LED has now seamlessly integrated eight of CREE's largest most efficient COBs (XLAMP CXB-3590) with industry-leading glass optical projection lenses to give you unprecedented light penetration with the highest PPFD of any 500-watt lighting system.

The combination of these two technologies combined with a proprietary blend of 3-watt Osram LEDs will give you significantly improved grams per watt yield and significant increases in trichome density and quality.

Growing with the Optic 8+ you can expect to yield up to 2.5 pounds which is an incredible 2.4 grams per watt.

This fixture is ideal for vegging a 6' x 6' area or flowering a 4' x 4' to 5' x 5' area.


The Optic 8+ spectrum ranges from 380nm to 780nm, covering the entire PAR spectrum + UV-A and near-infrared (far red). The additional green light helps increase photosynthesis deep in the leaves and inside the canopy. Far-red light, when combined with red light, has been proven to increase the rate of photosynthesis.

Spectrum on OPTIC 8+ @ Full Power - All 3 Dimmers @100%

Spectrum for VEG - VEG Dimmer @100% & Bloom Dimmer @10% - only the COBS on. VEG Dimmer controls the two 5000k COBs which gives you more blue light and two 3500k COBs.

Spectrum of COBS only @ Full Power - Veg Dimmer @100%, Bloom Dimmer @100% & Bloom Enhancers Off. (Used in VEG & Flower)

Spectrum of Far Red Bloom Enhancers that include Ultra Violet & Infrared

PAR (PPFD reading in umol/m2/s at 24")

PAR (PPFD reading in umol/m2/s at 18")


Model/SKU: Optic 8+/op8+

Power output: 500 watts

HID equivalent: 1000 watt DE HPS

LEDs: CREE COBs & OSRAM secondary arrays

  • 8 x CREE CXB3590 COB LEDs (132W max & driven 50W continuous)
    • 6 x 3500k Daylight White COBs
    • 2 x 5000k Cool White COBs
  • 32 x 3-watt OSRAM ultra-efficient LEDss with glass projection lenses

    Optics: 90-degree or 120-degree optical projection lens directs light downwards, magnifies PAR and increases canopy penetration by up to 200%.

    Drivers: Meanwell (Industry Best)

      Spectrum: Full-spectrum + IR + UV

      PPF/Watt: : 2.4 umol/J

      PAR Output: 1285 u/mols at center of footprint

      • PPFD for 4x4 area @24" (90 degree Lens) : 678.46 umol/m2/s

      (Apogee MQ-500 Used for PAR Meter Testing in 4x4 Grow Tent)

      PAR Output: 1973 u/mols at center of footprint (120 degree Lens)

        • PPFD for 4x4 area @ 18" (120 degree Lens):
      • 678.46 umol/m2/s

      (Apogee MQ-500 Used for PAR Meter Testing in 4x4 Grow Tent)

      Average PPFD: 619.87 umol/m2/s

      Recommended coverage area:

      • Veg: 6' x 6' @ 30"
      • Flower: 4' x 4' @18"- 24" (1.2m x 1.2m)
      • or 5' x 5' (120 degree Lens) (1.5m x 1.5m)

        Recommended hanging height:

        • Veg: 24"-30"
        • Flower: 24"

        Light Controls:

        Dimmability: 3 Independent Dimmers

        • VEG: 4 COBS only, Controls two 5000K COBS & two 3500K COBs.
        • BLOOM: 4 COBs only, Controls four 3500K COBs.
        • BLOOM ENHANCER: 32 pcs 3W diodes, Controls UV & Osram secondary led array.


        • Switch #1: ON/OFF
        • Switch #2: Bloom Enhancer

        Proven Yield: Up to 2.67lbs / 42.72 ounces / 1,196 grams

        Total yield: Up to 2.67

        Thermal management: 9 x cooling fans, Aluminum heat-sinks

        Dimensions: 27" x 27" x 4"

        Weight: 36 lbs

        Operating/Input Voltage: 100-265VAC

        Amperage: 5-1.9 Amps

        Product includes:

        • Optic 8+ Grow Light
        • Ratchet straps
        • 120V power cord (240v power cords available; we automatically ship the correct power cord for your country)

        Recommended for:

        • Grow tents (4x4) (5x5) (8x8) (10x10)
        • Grow rooms (all sizes)
        • Full-cycle growing from seedling to flower
        • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

        Manufacturer's Warranty: 10 year lifetime warranty

        Life Expectancy: 10-13 Years