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Precision Rosin Press is packed with features to give the operator control over every element of rosin production. Our custom Arduino controller allows you to not only set your length of press and your plate temperatures, but also the amount of pressure applied. As you press, watch a digital pressure read out showing you exactly how much force you are exerting on your material as you go. This is key, as controlling the amount pressure applied is very important for maximizing yields and preventing blowouts.


Heat press type Hydraulic
Feeder Hydropneumatic
Maximum pressure 21.5 tons
Airline pressure 7-8 bar
Maximum heating temperature up to 356º F (180º C)
Double heating: Top and bottom plates
Dimensions of the heated plate 10 x 4 x 1.5” inches
Plate material: Aluminum
Temperature accuracy 5º F
Timer set range 1 min – 99 min
Temperature units: Degrees Fahrenheit / Celsius
Electrical rating: ~120 V | 1,000 W | 8.3 A
Package size (WxHxD): 11 x 21 x 27” inches
Net weight: 118 lbs
Gross weight: 137 lbs