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Discover the Secret Jardin 4x2 x4 Dark Propagator DP120 Grow Tent

Created in 2006, Secret Jardin is mostly an innovative company : all their equipments are designed, developed and made for growing plants by their team of passionate experts in indoor culture.

  • Grow room station made of a very reflective Mylar M210D
  • Structure made of Q195 steel poles of 16mm
  • Dark Propagator can be equipped with TNEON / TLED for blooming and growing

Detailed Description:

Revision R4.00
Weight 19.8 kg
Dimensions 120 x 60 x (5x38) cm
Water Tray 1x 120.60
Ducting Flange

2x Support

1x Connector 100mm

1x Light Baffle

Cable Flange

2x Single Sock

Handling 1x Lighting and filter holders included, supporting up to 10 kg
Accessories included

30x CableIT - Clips for cables and nets

Lighting Advised

Propagation :

1x TLED 42W

Volume Tent 1.4 m3
Extraction advised

Flow (Every 1 to 2 min):

Extraction 80 m3/h

Grow (Every 2 to 4 min):

Extraction 40 m3/h

Package Includes :

1 x Secret Jardin Dark Propagator DP120
1x StrapIT - Strap for filter
6x HookIT - Hooks for lighting
30x CableIT - Clips for cables and nets

30 day returns
Arrives between 2-5 business days
Ships from Canada : no duties
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