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The TrimPro Original is an effective and very quiet leaf trimmer. It is used to remove excess leaves and twigs from different types of plants and flowers such as rosemary, oregano, basil, mint, lavender, coriander and parsley as well as in preparation for the extraction of essential oils and mixed flower clippings for potpourri. Its tempered steel blade makes a clean cut without damaging the plant. The TrimPro Original is equipped with a leaf recovery system and can be quickly disassembled for easy transportation. The TrimPro Original/Silence Mixed is the TrimPro Original with a different grate with both 1/4 in and 7/16 in wide slots rather than on the standard Original that has only 7/16 in wide slots.


Brand Trimpro
Weight (lb.) 22
Prop 65 No
Height (in.) 27.2
Width (in.) 18.2
Length (in.) 18.2
Warranty Yes
Lead Time Due to social distancing requirements, this item ships in 5-10 Days
UL Listed No
Trimmer Type Stand Up
Operation Motorized
Feed Type Single Branch
Plant Material Wet
Production Capability 1/2 lbs/hr

Increase harvest efficiency with the Trimpro Original Wet Trimming Machine

With the Trimpro Original, you can achieve quick, efficient harvests while producing top-shelf looking flower. This machine gently and quickly removes excess fan leaves, sugar leaves, and small branches from your plants. Here are some of the reasons we love this wet trimmer.

Manual use allows you to control the trim

The Trimpro Original is super easy to use. Just take a branch off your plant, and move it over the grate in a back and forth motion. Continue doing this while rotating the plant, trimming off excess leafy material from all angles, leaving you with a perfect trimmed branch.

This machine features a tempered steel blade, which makes a clean cut without degrading the trichomes or appearance of your buds. If you need a higher quality trim, you may consider the Trimpro Automatik series. This trimmer utilizes a fan and vacuum to gently pull sugar leaves from the bud, getting you a tighter, more aesthetically pleasing trim.

User-friendly design

You can add on adjustable height leg extenstions, which give you more comfort and flexibility in how you trim. You can stand up or sit down throughout the day, saving your back, hips, and feet! You also have control over the blade, and since you manually move the flower over the trimming grate, you get even more control over the trimming process. Compared to hand trimming, using this machine is super easy and won't wear you out or give you hand cramps. All trimmings are collected for easy disposal or processing in a mesh bag.

Minimal maintenance and easy cleaning

The included leaf recovery system is easily disassembled for hassle-free transportation and disposal. You can then remove the blade assembly to sharpen, ensuring your trim comes out tight every time for the cleanest cut. You can easily clean the grate by spraying iso between uses, preventing gunking up and cross-contamination. Should anything ever go wrong, we have the replacement parts you need here at Hydrobuilder to keep your harvest running smoothly.