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This VIVOSUN grow light is the first ever LED grow light system to win a red dot design award for its innovative and aesthetic design.
  • 2-in-1 Grow Light with Circulation Fan: This is the first full-spectrum LED grow light with a fully integrated circulation fan; the fan increases airflow into the canopy
  • Ambient WiFi Controller: Controls all tent equipment at the same time, even compatible with other brands; it also monitors the internal and external environment, you can view these data on the App
  • VIVOSUN App: You can remotely control various environmental factors and track monitoring data through VIVOSUN App; you can also choose pre-designed planting recipes or customize one yourself
  • Fully Automatic: Connect all your devices with GrowHub to coordinate your environment - you can remotely monitor your usage, respond to and adjust your devices
  • Ease of use: The magnetically mounted controller makes the installation process effortless; its easy-to-read interface and user-friendly touch-activated buttons are easy to operate




50/60 Hz

Input Power



ETL & CE & FCC & IP65


5 Year


Full Spectrums; 380nm-780nm, Rich 660nm; Seedling/Veg/Flower Spectrum Tunable Via GrowHub Controller


0-100% (Via GrowHub controller)