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  • LOWER COSTS & HIGH EFFICIENCY: VIVOSUN VS4000 LED grow lights use the latest LED plant light technology including Samsung LM301H Diodes, high-energy efficiency with 2.9 umol/J; Extremely high output but consumes only 400W of electricity, making it more efficient than traditional HID lamps and other plant lamps on the market
  • CONVENIENT DIMMABLE BALLAST: This LED grow light has a dimming knob that makes it adaptable to different growing periods of your plant by adjusting its output from 40% to 100%; It is super convenient for both beginners and professional growers
  • SUNLIKE FULL-SPECTRUM LIGHT: These VS4000 full-spectrum LEDs deliver optimal full-spectrum coverage—offering power needed by your plants at all growth stages and maximum PAR output at various distances, supporting photosynthesis of your plants in an efficient way
  • LOW NOISE & LOW HEAT: The VS4000 LED has a unique appearance, with power supply and ventilation holes; No fans needed means low noise; Ambient heat around this light is very low, so there is no need to worry about burns or damage to your plant; it produces mild heat so you can place the lamp directly above your plants

Tech Spec

Light Source


Max Coverage Area

6x6ft (Core : 5x5ft)


Full Spectrum; 380nm-780nm, Rich 660nm

Input power



50-60 HZ

Fix Dimensions

23.5"L x 23.4" W x 3.2" H
59.7cm L x 59.4cm W x 8.2cm H



Energy Efficiency

2.9 umol/J


40% / 50% / 60% / 80% / 100% / EXT(0-10V) / OFF


L90: >54000hrs

Power Factor



ETL & CE & IP65


3 Year Standard Warranty