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  • LOWER COSTS & HIGH EFFICIENCY: VIVOSUN VS1000 LED grow lights use the latest LED plant light technology including Samsung LM301H Diodes, high-energy efficiency with 2.75 umol/J; Extremely high output but consumes only 100W of electricity, making it more efficient than traditional HID lamps and other plant lamps on the market
  • DIMMABLE BALLAST: The VS1000 LED plant lamp has a dimming knob that makes it adaptable to different growing periods of your plant; It can adapt to the growth needs of plants in different periods. The first choice for beginners and professional growers alike
  • SUNLIKE FULL-SPECTRUM LIGHTING: These VS 1000 full-spectrum LEDs deliver optimal light-spectrum coverage—more power for your blooms and maximum PAR output at various distances, with super-bright lights that your plants will love; This LED light increases yield while decreasing costs, especially if you compare it to HPS/CMH combos
  • LOW NOISE & LOW HEAT: The VS1000 LED has a unique appearance, with power supply and ventilation holes; No fans needed meaning low noise; Ambient heat is very low, so there is no need to worry about burns or damage to your plant; The heat is low enough so you can place the lamp directly above your plants.

Get the Best Results with VIVOSUN LED Grow Light

2020 Latest Design

LED grow lights are a relatively new type of grow light which produce better quality buds and bigger yields, while using less electricity and producing less heat than traditional grow lights.

LED yields are improving every year and there are now many reliable models of VIVOSUN LEDs that have been proven for growing high yields indoors by various growers in the industry.

Unlike a lot of other brands, VIVOSUN LED grow lights have both a heatsink and built-in fans to help keep grow lights cool.

  • Max coverage area: 4x4ft(Core:3x3ft)
  • Power Consumption: 100 Watts
  • Voltage: 100-277V
  • Energy Efficiency: 2.75umol/J
  • Package include:1x LED grow light; 1xGrow Room Glasses; 1x carabiners; 1x 6ft 120V power cord