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  • ECO Farm 240W/480W V3 LM301H Movable Quantum Board uses Samsung LM301H chip + Osram Red 660nm + Osram IR 730nm + LG UV 395nm, suitable for all the stages of your plants.
  • Each ECO Farm QB V3 grow light is designed with knob dimming and UV&IR can be independently controlled.
  • Reliable passive-cooled design (no fan no noise).
  • Dimmable high-efficiency Meanwell driver.
  • High quality original diodes from famous brands like Samsung, LG.
  • Prolonged and thickened heatsink (Thickness: 25mm+).
  • Adjustable distance between heatsinks effectively allows growers to cover the gradual growing plants.
  • Full spectrum 3500K mixing the most vital extra wavelength 660nm 730nm 395nm for both veg and flower.
  • Adding high quality driver box on it makes it safer for growers to use the quantum board.
  • Different plug outlet options (USA, EU, AU, UK etc) and Voltage options for different countries (120v-240v) We will base it on the country of origin unless specified.


LED Quantum Board
Hanging Kit
Power Cord & Driver & Knob Dimming
Slide Brackets


Grow tents, Grow rooms, Large indoor grows
Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems


    3 years

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