ECO Farm Samsung LM301H LED Grow Light

At 3.10 micromoles per joule (μmol/J), the newly introduced LM301H now features the highest photon efficacy

As a result of this industry-leading photon efficacy, lighting manufacturers can use 30 percent fewer packages in each luminaire to achieve the same efficacy level as the previous version of the LM301H, allowing for smaller and lighter lamp designs as well as lowered manufacturing costs. In addition, by using the same number of packages, the light efficiency of a luminaire can be improved by at least four percent, enabling indoor farms to reduce their energy use.

ECO Farm have a few different Samsung LM301H  led grow lights to suit your indoor grow, but the best one is the BECO Farm ECOH 330W/500W/630W Samsung Horticulture Lighting Solution LM301H&LH351H Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Board Bar . This beast is simply the best of the best, with the most advanced full spectrum on the market