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  • Full Spectrum: Niello COB D-series grow light, Equiped with 3*3000K COBs,which are specially developed for plants, Spectral experimental test range is 380nm~780nm, Ideal for all kinds of indoor plants veg and flower at all growth stages. Better than traditional red and blue growth lights,This grow light produce the most efficient wavelengths of light to produce peak plant photosynthesis.
  • Higher PAR Value and Energy Saving: Patented unique design of reflective cup and lens for higher light-gathering effect. High PAR value and Lux value than normal led grow light, reducing light and Par value loss. Ensure the utilization of light up to 98%.That make this growing light achieved the balance between efficient utilization and energy-saving.
  • COB Packing Technology: This LED grow lights with the COB packing technology being used, led plant grow light source can save about 30% cost in the application, which is great significance for applications and promotion of semiconductor lighting. Grow lights use a glass lens, protect the COB dustproof and not get wet, make the chips a longer lifetime.
  • High-Speed Heat Dissipation &Quiet: COB LED grow light with 3 high speed cooling fans design, a big air-flow cooling window on the back, Built-in aluminium heat-sink, excellent-speed heat dissipation, It does not produce any noise and is suitable for indoor quiet environments.

Specific Product Information:

Model/SKU: B07H3WPVL6
True wattage: 210 watts
LED wattage: 600 watts
HID equivalent: 600 watts
Spectrum: Full
Coverage area:
Max Coverage at 24 Inch Height 5x 4ft
Core Coverage at 24 Inch Height 4x 3.5ft
Dimensions: 23.6x 4x 3.5inches
Product weight: 6 pounds
Voltage: AC100-240
In the box you'll find:
¡¤1 x 600W LED Grow Light
¡¤1 x Hanging Kits
¡¤1 x 6ft Power Cord(US Standard 110V grounded 3 prong)
¡¤1 x User Manual