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PhatSlim Bloom 1XL is well equipped with the latest in high-end Samsung Horticulture LED Tech. Commercial grade fanless Meanwell 104 watt Dimmable Driver not only gives you reliability & efficiency but full control of your light intensity with dimmability between 10-100%. Overbuilt Optic XL anodized black, pin fin heatsink ensures the lowest running temperatures for low BTU output, maximum light production & increased lifespan.

All NEW PhatSlim Bloom 1XL is loaded with 16 Version 2 Samsung LH351H v2 660nm Deep Red LEDs as well as 2 UV and 2 IR LEDs alongside the Samsung LM301H top tier ultra-efficient LEDs to give you a robust full cycle Spectrum, increased resin, maximum light production & big gram per watt yields.

  • Samsung LM301H LEDS: 360 of the worlds most efficient Samsung LED's providing 3500K white light
  • 12 CREE XPE LEDs: 8x 660nm deep red and 4x 450nm royal blue for a better plant spectrum, meaning larger yields
  • 120 degree lens: each diode has a 120 degree lens for protection and to focus the beam for better efficiency
  • Meanwell driver: top of the line LED driver
  • Large coverage: 2 by 2 feet for flowering and 3 by 3 for veg is larger than similarly-sized lights (2 lights cover a 2x4 area and 4 lights a 4x4)
  • Dimmable: 10-100% dimming capability (dimmer included)
  • Yield: Up to 291 grams/ 10.4 ounces
  • 100,000+ hour life span: 17 years at 16 hours per day
  • 6 foot power cord: ships with the standard cord for your country
  • 10-year warranty: you'll see other stores call it a lifetime warranty, but read the fine


Actual Wattage 104 watts
LED Chips Samsung LM301H and LH351H LEDs
Spectrum full spectrum white light + 660 red + IR + UV
Coverage Area Flower: 2 by 2 ft
Operating Frequency 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Thermal Management passive heatsink
Dimensions 7" x 7" x 8"
Weight 8 pounds
Manufacturer's Warranty 10 years