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Slim720S is by far the most powerful triple dimming LED plant growth light. Slim 720S provides all the amazing mature technologies of the highly refined Slim 650S, equipped with a crank Meanwell drive system, and emits a beam of up to 720 watts through 3,096 most efficient LEDs in the world. Slim 720S is specially designed for growers in a 5x5 area or growers who just want to save electricity in 4'x4' areas.

Slim720S aims to provide you with performance far exceeding any other LED plant growth light company on the market today, including Samsung’s new record-setting LH351H version 2 660nm deep red LED 3.75 umols/j and LH351H 450nm royal blue LED with Samsung The white light LM301H LED is higher than 3.0 umols/J and has a 3-way dimmable system, which can realize next-generation efficiency and tuning functions.

  • Samsung LM301H LEDs: 3096 diodes with a mix of 3000K and 4000K white light
  • Samsung LH351H LEDs: 32x 450 nm royal blue and 64x 660 deep red
  • UV and IR: 4x ultraviolet diodes and 4x infrared diodes (730 nm)
  • 120-degree lens: each Samsung and CREE diode has a 120-degree lens for protection and to focus the beam for better efficiency
  • Meanwell driver: 3x top of the line MeanWell dimmable drivers (remote mountable)
  • Large coverage: 5 by 5 feet coverage area
  • Dimmable: red (with UV and IR), blue and white diodes are dimmed separately from 0 to 100%
  • Yield: Up to 4.5 lbs in a 5 X 5 ft tent (2.6 grams per watt)
  • Highly efficient: 720-watt power consumption (at 100%), but is equivalent to 1300 watt HID
  • The Coolest Running Light in the 700 Watt Class with 44 lbs of aircraft aluminium with extruded bar heatsinks slotted for maximum surface area and cooling capacity
  • Controller Port: use Optic's 7" Touchscreen Optic LED Master Controller to control light(s) remotely (but not required, you can also use the settings directly on the fixture); add the controller option above to save $100 over buying it separately