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Efficiency 2.6 μmol/J

Output 1,305 μmol/s


The Arden EH500 grow light was designed to give you the highest light output with the best horticulture LED spectrum on the market.

Engineered to optimize crop growth, this toplight can be used as the sole lighting source in a 4×4 grow tent or paired together in an open area indoor grow space.

Use in a controlled environment horticulture application requiring efficient, precise, and uniform levels of photosynthetic flux density (PPFD).

This high-output light will fill all your needs – from veg to bloom – with a PPF of 1,305 μmol/s. Use the onboard dimming for precise control over PPFD to easily accommodate your grow from germination to flowering.


  • Input power 500W
  • CRI 90+
  • 3-year warranty
  • Anti-microbial highly reflective white paint finish
  • LEDs are protected with conformal coating to mitigate sulfurization and protect against humidity and chemicals
  • On fixture dimmable power supply up to 50%
  • All maintenance or upgrades can be done with simple hand tools
  • Fully replaceable parts – upgrade as you go


PAR Chart


Wattage draw: 500 watts (dimmable down to 50% on driver)

HID equivalent: 1000 watt single-ended HID fixture

LEDs: Samsung LM301H + 660nm Deep Red

    PPF: 1305 umol/s

    PAR efficacy: 2.6 umol/j

    Coverage area:

    • Veg: 6' x 6'
    • Flower: 4.5' x 4.5' or 5' x 5'

    Mounting height:

    • Flower: 20-24"
    • Veg: 36"

    Thermal management: Passive cooling

    Weight: 18 lbs (~8 kg)

    Dimensions: 28" x 26”

    Operating/input voltage: 90-277VAC; 50Hz-60Hz

    Amperage: ~4.23A @ 120V; ~2.16A @ 240V

    BTUs: 1705

    Finish: White paint finish

    Product includes:

    • Fixture with 120V power cord
    • Dimmable driver (dimmable to 50% intensity)

      Recommended for:

      • Grow tents
      • Grow rooms
      • Large indoor grows
      • Vegetative growth and/or flowering
      • Full-cycle growing from seedling to flower
      • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

      Manufacturer's warranty: 3-years