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  • 【CREE CXB3590 COB LED】This is the newest CREE COB LED grow light on the market. The naming comes from the LED which is made by CREE (CXB3590). Each LED can reach an impressive 120w of power. The CREE CXB3590 LEDs are not only extremely powerful but also produce the most ideal spectrum for proper plant growth. The CREE CXB3590 is a Full Spectrum LED (380nm~780nm) easily replacing 400w HPS grow light. The CREE CXB3590 was designed specifically for growing plants indoors.
  • 【Industry Trusted High Quality Components】Behind any good LED is an LED Driver, the LED Driver is made by the industry trusted company MEAN WELL. We utilized high quality waterproof components to ensure stable voltages and overall longer lifespan of the COB LED chips. IDEAL COB Holder is Made in the USA. We used German made WAGO brand connectors. Each individual component on our CREE CXB3590 grow light was meticulously sourced from the world’s best companies. It has about 50,000 hours lifetime.
  • 【Improve Plant Growth Quality and Effectiveness】This FULL SPECTRUM LED grow light can rapidly improve the speed and density of foliage and growth overall. You will notice new foliage growth within a few days. With the adjustable dimmer knob turned to maximum, the CREE CXB3590 cob led grow light has the capability to penetrate dense foliage canopies. Full Spectrum LEDs are highly beneficial during both Vegetative and Bloom cycles.
  • 【Wide Use Applications】Our CREE CXB3590 LED grow lights are used in a wide variety of applications from large indoor farms, indoor flower gardens, greenhouses, basement gardens, closet grows, and grow tents. Because the CREE CXB3590 led grow light is dimmable and FULL Spectrum it is ideal for a wide range of plants: Microgreens, Tissue Cultures, Vegetables, Fruits, and Special Plants. Note: This cob led grow light is very bright, please do not stare at the light for long periods of time.