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Quantanium Dry Tumbler For Centurion Tabletop Pro, Mini, Original, Silver Bullet and Gladiator

The CenturionPro Quantanium dry tumbler is suitable for The Original, Silver Bullet and Gladiator machines. This tumbler allows the user to process dry material as opposed to wet. The unique Quantanium coating does not require sprays thanks to its non-stick. This surface prevents trichomes from adhering the tumbler resulting in 40% greater trichome preservation! Sprays can damage the natural flavors and aromas of the strain but the non-stick surface of the tumbler does not alter these components in any way. In addition, it optimizes harvesting as no downtime is required clean the tumbler throughout the day.

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The sleek Quantanium dry tumbler is Centurion Pro Solutions' newest revolution in trimming technology!

It is designed solely for processing dry material. To process wet material, use the

What Is Quantanium?

It is a non-stick coating that uses a unique mix of titanium particles that are blended into the coating. They allow the tumbler to stand up to almost anything and make it scratch resistant.

Quantanium coated tumblers contain absolutely no PTFE/PFOA. Instead, their outstanding release is achieved by silicone. The coating makes possible a 40% greater trichome preservation than the competition and there is no need for a spray.

Not only that, but it also makes clean-up easier and faster, which speeds up the harvest process. Instead of longer downtime for cleaning, simply wipe down the tumbler with a cloth and warm water to remove whatever small amount of residue may be present.

The Quantanium dry tumbler features an an unrivaled blade design that gives you a more precise cut. Not only does it look cooler than other tumblers, but thank to the exceptionally high quality chrome and steel used in construction (the same quality as cooking utensils), it gives you far better results, too.