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CenturionPro is well known for their hybrid (wet/dry) trimmers and now with their line of Dry Batch Trimmers they are expanding on their ambitious vision of a trimmer for every harvest.

Available in 5 models, the CenturionPro line of Dry Batch Trimmers expand on CenturionPro’s vision of a trimmer for every harvest. From home grower to large commercial grows, there is a DBT machine that’s right for you. With the DBT Model 5, CenturionPro essentially took the DBT Model 4 and doubled it. With up to 216 lbs/hr of dry weight trimming capacity, this industry leader is built to stand up to even the largest of harvests.

Input Voltage 2 x 3 Amp - 110V NA | 2 x 3 Amp - 220V EU/AUS
Horsepower 2 x 1/4 hp
Dimensions 67′′ L x 36′′ W x 53′′ H
Weight 350 lbs | 159 kg
Tumbler Diameter 20"
Tumbler Length 66”
Number of Tumblers 2
Human Trimmer Replacement Up to 910 workers
Processing Capability (Dry Weight) Up to 216 lbs/hr
Body Material Anodized Aluminum
Tumbler Material Electropolish Stainless Steel
Kief Filter Screen (Optional) 150-Micron Stainless Mesh Screen
Warranty 3 years