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Booster Board Type

This Chilled Logic 4' x 4' Plug and Play light fixture by Rapid LED comes pre-assembled with everything needed to light a 4' x 4' grow space using high efficacy LM301B Samsung LED diodes and Meanwell HLG series drivers. This light is ideal for replacing a 1000W HPS bulb and is backed by a 3 year warranty (drivers come with a 6 year warranty).

Made with ChilLED Logic Pucks.

Partial list of parts used in build:

-6 x Chilled Logic V3 Pucks
-6 x 140mm pin heatsinks
-2 x Meanwell HLG-320H-C2100B drivers
-2 x 41" Canopy Rail with driver bracket
-2 x 10' Power cords
-2 x Universal Wire Connectors
-2 x 1/8" Rope Ratchet Hanging Kits

Optional items included in set:

2 x Emerson Effect Booster Boards or 2 x Exotic Booster Boards or 1 x Emerson + 1 x Exotic Board
1 x 30VDC Power Supply
1 x DC Power Splitter
2 x Supplemental Canopy Heatsinks



Wattage Draw : ~580W From LEDs
LEDs : Top Bin Samsung LM301B
Drivers : Mean Well HLG-320H-C2100B
Coverage Area : 4' X 4' For Flowering
Recommended Hanging Height : 12-24"
Dimensions : 40.6" X 23.1"
Dimmable : Yes (Manual Dimming Included)
Power Cord Length : 10 Feet (3 Prong US Version)
Warranty : 3 Years On Fixture, 6 Years For Drivers