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Cultivate Tech’s GrowtechX 240 is a 240W, full cycle LED grow light designed to target only the parts of the spectrum your plants need to thrive through both vegetative and flowering cycles. At 240 TRUE LED watts, the GrowtechX240 is the equivalent to approximately 450 HPS or metal halide watts, meaning, it runs on nearly half the wattage of traditional grow lights.
Growtech X’s Full Spectrum Spectral Diode Mix offers a perfectly balanced mix of 660nm red diodes and full spectrum 3000 + 6500K white diodes. This thoroughly tested light spectrum is designed for complete plant development (full cycle indoor light for seed germination, clones/cuttings/mothers, and for both vegetative and flowering cycles).
With the use of passive cooling technology, Cultivate Tech fixtures produce virtually no heat so no additional air cooling is required for your grow space. This also eliminates the need for additional fans (internal or external), so running a Cultivate Tech fixture will be virtually silent and drastically increase the longevity of the fixture.
The GrowtechX 240's small footprint makes it compact, easier to transport, and easier to install. This means no wasted space on 2ft wide rows, as none of the light will crowd walkways.