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Deep water culture is often referred to as the DWC, and as its name suggests, it basically makes the roots of plants. DWC (Deepwater Farming) is the preferred system for growing radon, which is an extremely fast growing and water-loving plant, making it ideal for deepwater culture hydroponic systems.

Many commercial hydro-till operations use this method, using floating polystyrene foam rafts to keep the plant cups or only the plants themselves. This setting can be as simple as a bucket filled with mixed hydroponic nutrients called Nutes, with a hole in the lid to support the flower pot, or it can be large enough to support multiple plants. DWC hydroponics requires only a simple air stone and air pump to keep the nutrients stirred, oxygenated and fresh
-Save the land and water
-Save the labor.
-Save the fertilizer.
-Save the pesticide, friendly of the environment .
-High production.
-High quality and more safety.
Package Included:

* 15L Bucket size/27mm (dia. top), 29mm (height). -1pc

*Net cup- 10cm-1pc

*Air pump-1pc (220v or 110v)
*Air hose-1pc

*Air stone-1pc

* Water Level Indicator + Drain -1

* PH test paper-1pc