ECO Farm 320W/400W/500W/900W Commercial LED Grow Light Bar

Product usage:

1. To help plant growth, flowering, the results.
2. To extend the flowering period, improve the quality of flowers, sunshine to solve the lack of leadership to tomato, cucumber and other greenhouse vegetable taste decreased.
3. Winter vegetable fruits and vegetables in advance to the market before and after the Spring Festival, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-season cultivation.
4. In the cloudy or at night, it can effectively extend and scientific control of plants required for light.
5. To solve the impact of plants from the climate, stability, flexibility to give plants suitable for light.

To make sure the emitted photons of LED can get into medicinal plants/medicinal plants’s canopy greatly and directly, ECO Farm used innovative lighting technology to make this LED lighting module, not only it has high efficiency, but also it has well-proportioned lighting intensity, which differs from traditional lights such as HID light, induction lighting etc., solving their problem of asymmetrical lighting intensity which made the plants get hurt under high lighting intensity.

Product Buffer 6063 National Aluminum LED embedded in 195 Samsung SMD, different wavelengths of Epistar UV LED chip, so that the lighting fixtures have a uniform illuminating color, provide the spectrum required by the factory, and help maintain plant growth and maintain good Yield. In addition, growers can freely adjust the power of 200-500w to meet the needs of different growth periods. The memory-enabled timer can make the light look like sunlight, from sunrise to sunset.

It consists of eight units of 65-75W with an actual power of 500W. The lamp is combined with the Samsung LEDSMD3000K 4000K 5730 -660nm, which is fully compatible with the PAR wavelength. Optical power 2.5 μmol/J It includes green light that contributes to plant quality and is an ideal lighting group for plant growth and flowering. It is suitable for plant cultivation limited by the planting environment.

Package Includes:

1 x LED Grow Light
1 x Hanging Kit
1 x User Manual for Installation
1 x Power Cord

Recommended for:

Grow tents, Grow rooms, Large indoor grows
Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

    Manufacturer's Warranty:

    3 years

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