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Soilless cultivation refers to the use of water, peat or forest rotting leaves, vermiculite and other media as the root of the plant matrix fixation plant, plant root system can be directly exposed to nutrient solution cultivation methods. The nutrient-liquid components in soilless cultivation are easy to control and can be adjusted at any time. Where light, temperature is appropriate and there is no soil, such as deserts, beaches, desert islands, as long as there is a certain amount of fresh water supply, it can be carried out. Soilless cultivation is divided into hydroponic, fog (gas) culture and matrix cultivation according to the different cultivation media. Hydroponics refers to the plant root system directly in contact with the nutrient solution, without the use of matrix cultivation methods. The earliest hydroponic is the plant root system immersed in the nutrient solution to grow, this way will appear hypoxia phenomenon, serious cause root death.

Often use the nutrient liquid membrane method of hydroponic, even if a very thin layer of nutrient layer, constantly circulating through the crop root system, not only to ensure the continuous supply of crop water and nutrients, but also continue to supply root fresh oxygen. : Hydroponics refers to the cultivation method that makes the root system of plant contact directly with the nutrient solution without the help of matrix fixing the root system.

Mainly includes deep liquid water culture (deep flow technique, DFT), nutrient liquid film cultivation (nutrient film technique, NFT) and floating plate capillary cultivation (floating capillary hydroponics, FCH). Because soilless cultivation has got rid of the limitation of soil cultivation, it has a broad development prospect.

Soilless cultivation has a wide range of applications and is mainly used in the following areas:

(I) for vegetable cultivation

Plant Factory Hydroponic Vegetables

Plant Factory Hydroponic Vegetables

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(Ii) for flower cultivation

Whether it is cut flowers or potted flowers are first suitable for soilless cultivation, soilless cultivation of flowers not only large flowers, but also bright colors.

(Iii) for the cultivation of medicinal plants

Many medicinal plants are root plants, the growth environment of roots is very critical, soilless cultivation can provide a good growth environment for medicinal plants, so the planting effect is very obvious.

(Iv) for fruit cultivation

The seedlings of fruit tree rootstock cultivated by soilless cultivation had rapid growth and high survival rate, and the fruit trees with fast cutting of cuttings had fast rooting and high seedling yield.

(V) for soilless seedlings The seedlings of soilless cultivation were rapid in growth, short in seedling age, well developed in root system, robust and neat, and the time of slow seedling was short and easy to survive after implantation.

It can also avoid soil-borne diseases and pests brought about by soil seedling, and also facilitate scientific and standardized management. In addition, on the rooftop balcony of the landless city, soilless cultivation of vegetables and flowers can be developed to regulate life and beautify the environment, in the desert islands, sandy beaches and unsuitable planting of sand, stone, saline and alkali areas, can be a large area of soilless cultivation of vegetables, to solve or alleviate the problem of food supply.

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