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  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE: ECO Farm panda film can also provide 100% light proof and 100% virgin poly materials. It is ultra-durable and unlikely to rip, even with daily use.
  • BLACK SIDE: The black side of ECO Farm panda film provides excellent light resistant partition
  • WHITE SIDE: The white side of ECO Farm panda film provides over 90% reflective for use on the walls and floor, which reflects bulbs' light back to plants.
  • COMPLETE IN SPECIFICATIONS: ECO Farm provides multiple sizes for you to choose, such as 10ft., 10*25 ft., 10*50 ft., 10*100 ft.
  • WARRANTY: This product comes with a 1-year warranty. Please contact us if you have any problems with this panda film.

Multiple Function
This panda film could be used both in outdoor and indoor. Whether used in garden, grow room, greenhouse or grow tent, this black and white film can meet your needs.

Also, from small plant pots to big greenhouse, you can find an ideal size. We provide 10*10ft, 10*25 ft, 10*50 ft, 10*100 ft panda film for you.